Solstice Health Update

Dearest Patients & Friends,

Here we sit, the unknown spread out before us like a tapestry. I know these times are filled with deep uncertainty, some healthy fear, and more questions than answers. It is also a rare, special time of slowing and exploration. We have all been given the gift of unexpected self-reflection, time and space. Lots and lots of space.

Obviously, our restorative, in-office time together as patient and acupuncture practitioner is on pause for the moment. I truly believe this medicine is what we are most in need of right now. Be assured, I am diligently working to get back to the office to treat you as soon as humanly and as safely as possible. In the meantime, please know that I am still very much a resource and practitioner for you so that we can troubleshoot, search and find, and calm your nervous system.

We can connect, and I can be of service to you, wherever you might be, physically, emotionally and logistically within various treatment protocols. I will continue working with you on several levels; herbally, supplementally, nutritionally, immunologically, functionally, and as a resource and guide as we all navigate this unknown together. I know many of you are midstream in treatments that we’ve been navigating over time, and I am here for you and with you every step of the way. Reach out if you are in need of a sounding board as you continue on your pathway to health. Even in this time of distancing, I am your advocate.

Sending so many blessings and a sincere wish of health to you. Take sweet care of yourselves, your family and your community.
We are most certainly all in this together, and I am right here with you.

In health and well-being,