Autumn Greetings

Dearest Patients & Friends,

Happy end of summer!

I know it has looked different than any other, and many of us have been juggling kids at home, careers, health concerns, relationships, and social and environmental upheaval, warranting thoughtful processing and mindful action. To say this has been an intense summer is an understatement. I feel so fortunate to be back working with patients full time at Solstice Health, and it has been wonderful to see many of you here in the office, and via tele-health.

As many of you know, I’ve been practicing with the utmost care and vigilance as we travel through this pandemic. As I work with many of you in my treatment room, or speak with you on the phone, we seem to have reached pandemic fatigue collectively, and the uncertainty we carry as we transition into the fall and winter is making many feel nervous and unsure of our health and safety. This fatigue not only affects our physical health, but taps our mental faculties as well. To combat these factors, it’s essential that we pay close attention to our self-care, and make sure we are managing the basic building blocks to strong and healthy immune function, including healthy sleep cycles, a balanced and nourishing diet, exercise, fresh air, mindfulness, and vibrant relationships. We all have intrinsic immunity—and good self-care is the best way to tap into that strength as we navigate this pandemic.

As we move into the cooler weather of autumn, our immunity tends to become more challenged, as we are in closer quarters, with less fresh air circulating and a proliferation of bugs are moving about our environment. Obviously, COVID is at the forefront of our attention, but influenza, colds, bacterial infections and the like will also be on the rise. There is no need to panic, but now is a great time to shore up our immunity and practice the best self-care that we possibly can.

Much like in March, immune supplements will be flying off shelves in the coming months, so I highly suggest building your small but mighty wellness arsenal now (along with a “sickness pharmacy” for when you are feeling under the weather, and in need of acute immune support). These will be great supplements to take both proactively and preventatively, when your immunity could use a boost, or when you are acutely fighting the good fight. You can find access to my full pharmacy where you will find all of my Immune Support Favorites under the “Catalog” link. As always, I am happy to help tailor your pharmacy to you and your entire family, so reach out and let me know how I can help.

Please know I am here for each one of you in this time of uncertainty. Feel free to reach out with any questions or health concerns you might have. And, of course, I am planning on being in the office throughout the coming fall and winter seasons to help support you safely as you navigate health and wellness!

Be Well,
Cameron Elmendorf, L.Ac., MSOM