Boulder Acupuncture Testimonials

abbie-smith“The first person I contact when I’m injured, ill, tweaked, overwhelmed and in need to be centered is Cameron. Her intuitive response and thorough treatment is always accurate, consistent and transforms what could be tragic into magic.”
Abbey Smith – Climber + Writer + Producer


fred“A few years ago, I found myself recovering from both a full knee reconstruction in one leg, and a serious nerve injury in the other leg. Although I have never been a big fan of needles, I decided to give acupuncture a try. Cameron came very highly recommend in the healing community of Boulder. She quickly helped get me back on my feet, and back out in the mountains working again. Thanks Cam!”
Fredrik Marmsater – Adventure Sports Photographer

krissy“The opportunity to work with Cam is a gift. I have a knack for pushing my body and mind through exercise (like most in Boulder) and/or tasks, responsibilities, work and life. Taking time to get on Cam’s table is an opportunity to reset the mind and body from those rigors I place on myself. She was able to work with me in the physical sense through injury and recovery, as well as grounding me when travels got the better of my stress levels. I am grateful for every minute spent with her healing ability.”
Krissy Moehl – Ultra Runner & Author

Scott Hall“The inevitable result for someone that likes living on the edge is that eventually you fall off. When all the King’s horses & men fail, Cameron puts me back together again. More than just a very competent bio-mechanic, she’s a sounding board, confidant, and co-author of your well being. Her own trials and tribulations as an athlete give her a unique understanding of sports related health and the process of healing. Cam is an integral part of my healthcare strategy & a reassuring safety net for my occasional crash & burn.”
— Scott Hall – Skier, Musician, Author & Societal Deviant

Heather Irmiger“As a professional athlete, I put my body through an extreme amount of stress and challenge, and am always looking for ways to regain balance, optimize my health and help my performance. I have been visiting Cameron since summer 2011, and have experienced many noticeable changes. Among them, acutely, treatments have helped to boost my immune system to fight against illness. With my long-term health goals, I have gained greater hormonal balance, and have seen great improvements in dealing with jet-lag, sleep issues, mental well-being, and recovery. Every treatment is warm, kind, and full of positive-energy and I know my performance can only benefit!”
Heather Irmiger – Professional XC Mountain Bike Racer

“After feeling completely tapped out after the birth of my second child, Cameron revived not just my physical being, but tapped into an essence of myself I had somehow let flow away over the years. The power of her nurturing presence, her connection to what my body and mind most needed, and those powerful little needles and tuning forks righted my sails. The best gift I’ve ever given myself was a year of pre-scheduled acupuncture appointments.”
— Heidi Knapp

Meegan Schanning“Since first seeing Cameron, my quality of life has improved immensely. I have a greater sense of well being, and feel confident that even when I don’t know what is wrong, Cameron will know exactly what to do to get me back to optimal health. Not only is she one of the most grounded, sincere and present people that I know, but her genuine concern for her patients sets the bar. She is a true healer, and our community is lucky to have her.”
— Meegan Schanning – Licensed Aesthetician, Alma Esthestics

Michelle Filoia Lazar“Cameron is masterful at providing treatments of various medical conditions. She listens, nurtures and dedicates herself to understanding the cause of symptoms. Through her remarkable practice, Cameron has consistently restored balance to my body, mind and spirit. I have been a patient since 2006 and will continue to entrust her with my care in the years to come.”
— Michelle Filoia Lazar, Pedal to Properties of Boulder Realtor


Majka Burhardt“Cameron has a strong and compassionate practice that fully supports athletes and other hardworking bodies, so that whether I’ve beat my body up by climbing or typing, Cameron knows how to integrate balance back into my system. I appreciate her thorough approach to health and well being and it inspires me every time I visit. It is important to me to work with someone who understands what I do to my body and with my body — Cameron is this person.”
Majka Burhardt, Writer / Climber / Guide

Frank Pickell“Cameron combines an incredible athletic background and knowledge of the active body with a very easy going and compassionate doctor’s touch. She has helped me recover from numerous sports related injuries. There is nobody I would rather see when my body can’t keep up with my lifestyle.”
— Frank Pickell, Adventure Filmmaker


Pete Takeda“Cameron is one of those rare healers who really ‘gets it.’ She also has the athletic experience, insight born of compassion, and tools acquired through disciplined practice – to unlock the body’s healing potential. As an athlete and an author, Cameron has helped me heal injuries, find balance, and stay sane in a challenging world…”
Pete Takeda, Author/Mountaineer


Angela Olsgard“I love the treatments from Cameron because they are unique in integrating mind, body, spirit. The combination of the Acutonics with precise and meaningful acupuncture has made a significant improvement in both my physical health and sense of well being. I intend to stay with Cameron for long term health management.”
— Angela Olsgard, owner Angie Star Jewelry

“Cameron is the best! My foot hurt, really hurt. The doctors could suggest no remedy. Cameron listened, made herself available to treat me and the condition improved. I continue to see her as needed and recommend her services without reservation.”
— N.M.